Getting my first RV - a 1966 Travco

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Getting my first RV - a 1966 Travco

Unread post by twashtravco » Sat Sep 05, 2020 10:50 am

Hello all. Terry here. I am currently twisting the arm of an old friend to "give me" his old derelict 1966 Travco (what I assume is a 270 model and has not been on the road in 31 years) which has been molested and abused having all the aluminum/metal stripped off by someone wishing to sell it for scrap. This means the generator, radiator, valve covers, all the outside covers for access, both driver vents and even including the door. While I am sure that some may say "leave it alone and find another one to fix up", I want to tackle this one and save it from being crushed or disposed of BUT I will need a lot of your help.

To start with, I am a mechanic who can do all the work myself and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the poly 318 (as I have one in my first car, a '64 Dodge Polara 2 Dr hardtop, which I still own). The motor, trans and rear axle rebuilds will wait for now but the chassis is what I want to start learning about first. Patching up the fiberglass shell in a few places will come next and the interior will be last of course. But up first will be getting the running gear up to snuff. I will want to work on the brakes first but will also need to work on finding out about the 16" wheels that no one seems to have. They have 7.50R16 LT load range D 8PR tires on them which I have found out can be replaced by 235/85R16 load range D,E,or F. They seem to be 16x7(?) with 6 lugs and 3 hand holes. Does anyone know what these are called....Part number....manufacturer... aftermarket... upgrade suggestions so I can replace them if needed? Google has nothing.

Are any service manuals available that show steering, leaf spring, brakes, parking brake setup, drive-line part numbers....etc.? What kind of resources are available for these as far as replacement parts? What do I look up parts for, a M300, M400 or M500?

Well enough questions for now.... If you have any of these parts I will need, let me know. If I can't find them I will need some pictures and dimensions so I can fabricate them. Please let me know if you can help with any information.

Thanks in advance for ALL info that you share. Till them...... Keep Motoring!!!


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Re: Getting my first RV - a 1966 Travco

Unread post by KB2CRK » Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:00 pm

Welcome to the madness that is Travco.

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