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Unread post by WHB » Fri Apr 02, 2021 2:23 am

First a BIG compliment to the webmaster of the site. In the past years I’ve seen the strangest things happened to this site but every time it came out better.

Now it is time to introduce myself.
Already several years on this forum, after seeing a Travco on Ebay.
Somehow I can’t get rid of the Travco idea.
I've got my wife interested as well. Now we’ve decided to look for one. I've even installed Facebook on my phone, to visit the Travco page.
That’s a thing for me because I’m not a big fan of social media kind of programs.

Here in Europe, there aren't that many Travco's.
So, we're looking in the USA.
I know my way around with old school machinery so it does not have to be a completely restored one.
But it would be nice if it is able to drive. This makes transport to Europe much easier by using the roro (roll on roll off) shipping method.
Otherwise, we need to put it in an open container to ship it.

My favorite is the 270 first model 63 - 68 with double headlights. But that wil need the most work. Depending on what we will find it also can be the "newer" 69 - 72 single headlight version.

Parts in Europe will be a challenge but not impossible.

We will definitely need this forum for Travco specific knowledge.

Hope this European is welcome in the Travco madness.

Reg, WHB

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Re: European member

Unread post by KB2CRK » Fri Apr 02, 2021 3:17 pm

Welcome to the madness that is Travco. Most of the Travcos you are looking for have one of the two 318 v8 (5.2l) engines. Not the most powerful but probably the most fuel efficient of the engines. They all have 4 wheel drum brakes which are old school tech. 69 and earlier use a single chamber master cylinder so if you lose one wheel cylinder or line you lose all brakes. If you know the old school stuff you will be in your element. points ignition and carbs with a simple automatic transmission. You are not the only European interested in Travcos and there are several European owners on here and on the Travco Facebook page. There is a Travco map in Google maps where many have shared where they are. Personally I like the 75 and later with the lower headlights and the 440 with the disc brakes up front but that is a matter of personal preference. We have Nessie a 1976 Mahal 2+2. The same outside design of the 270 with a centered door and laid out to sleep no more than 4.

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