1979 AVCO GTC 3200 Rear Bath

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Re: 1979 AVCO GTC 3200 Rear Bath

Unread post by tmbinder » Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:19 pm

Yes, you are probably right about the disc brakes on the M600, thanks for clearing that up. I know the axles were beefed up at the time the conversion was done, but I'm not sure if the original brakes were kept or if they changed them. I'll find out. I now know that the left front caliper was sticking, causing all kinds of problems, so it't going to be replaced along with the rotor. \n\nIf you find that other AVCO for sale, please let me know!\n\nAs far as the "original" vs "updated" debate is concerned, I agree that it probably doesn't matter if the original carpet and upholstery and window treatments are preserved, but I am going to try to keep the appliances original if they work just to keep the expense down. The best part of this coach, I think, is the structure - tubular steel frame with one large formed fiberglass piece making up the entire top half of the coach. The chassis is also in very good shape. I'm hoping to get it back from the diesel shop on Friday. I can't wait to see how it runs. The mechanic working on it told me the stuff that came out of the fuel filter when he changed it looked more like oil than fuel! Yuck! I'm having the fuel lines all replaced from the fuel filter back to the tanks because the old, original gasoline fines are not large enough to deliver the proper volume of fuel to the diesel engine. If it runs and drives well then I will be more inclined to renovate the interior.

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