Help! Save a Travco LeEsprit in Salt Lake City

On the road ? Broke down ? Need help fast ?
\nPost here...Maybe someone is near by or we can atleast give you advice.
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Travco Model: 1976 L'Esprit

Help! Save a Travco LeEsprit in Salt Lake City

Unread post by robbindelene » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:07 pm

1976 Travco Motorhome Tiny House Conversion\n\nIs anyone out there in Travcoland that can save this fine old RV in the middle of completion.\n\nThis is a project that we began and are not able to finish due to a lot of issues made worse by extremely hot weather during our hasty move across the country from Oregon to Wisconsin in response to a death in the family. At the moment the motorhome is parked at a friend’s house in Sandy, Utah and we are considering renting a moving van to complete the trip. We have experienced much hardship (including the loss of our cat) and many delays so far and we are tired. \n\nWe have just spent a week in Sandy, Utah making repairs and there is more to do, which requires the ordering of parts, which will extend the time to finish this last repair. The repairs to the engine to get it ready for the rest of the trip are much smaller than what has been done but we are way behind schedule (we need to get to WI) and our welcome here is running out so……….\n\nWe are wondering if there is anyone in the area here who would be interested in carrying on with and completing our project because a lot of work already completed and it would be really sad to not take advantage of that and abandon it. \n\nOur vision and the plan for this cute vintage RV was to recreate it into a tiny guest house, Air B &B or vacation rental for our farm complete with solar panels, composting toilet, new walk in shower stall, full kitchen and 2 sleeping areas (a double above the cab and single couch/bed). We have developed a plan and layout for this remodel which takes it beyond restoration to original design and incorporating newer technologies. \n\nA lot of work has already been done. The motorhome has basically been gutted and rusted structural framework due to a past leaking water tank, and the entry step and outside storage box in the rear have been replaced. Most of the old underbody and the new metal has been treated with a excellent rust proofing product from Thermoshield. \n\nIn addition the various parts of the fiberglass exterior including eliminating the back seam have been reworked with fiberglass. The refrigerator venting has been filled in with fiberglass because the plan has been to go to a small undercounter chest freezer that is converted into a fridge with a Johnson control. The entire exterior is basically ready to be refinished with the Thermoshield product we had chosen which is designed for exterior finishing of buildings and roofs. It is easy to apply and adds increased R-value.\n\nAll the tires are brand new 400 miles ago and the mechanical work completed within the last 1000 miles includes: \n\nRebuilt front end including new ball joints, brakes and alignment\nNew master cyclinder\nNew distributor, wires, rotor, plugs, coil\nNew timing chain\nNew water pump \nBattery new 6 months ago\nNew passenger exhaust manifold\nNew muffler\nRebuilt carburetor\n\nThe unit also has very comfortable Flexsteel captains chairs and we have the new solar panels and inverter, original stove, new composting toilet and Thermoshield finish available with the unit if desired.\n\nWe also have the original walls and other parts of the old structures to be used as templates in the remodel. \n\nWe are asking $3000 for the basic unit including the new tires (worth $1200 alone). Basically my husband and I have put hours and hours and hours into the repairs so far. Some of the welding work we paid another to do. This all we are willing to give away to someone who will continue where we have left off. \n\nIn addition to the interior remodel what still needs to be done on the engine is replacing or rebuilding the heads because of weak valve springs and/or possibly bent valves. We have located replacement stock heads from known source in Oregon for $200 plus shipping and handling. \n\nIf you would like any of the supplies to complete the conversion it is available for an additional cost. These are the things plus the new tires we will take with us in the moving truck if we are forced to sadly abandon this RV which has already received so much love and attention. \n\nFlexsteel chairs $300\nSolar panels and equipment $2200\nComposting toilet $500\nThermoshield finish $1000

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