If you smell gas...

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If you smell gas...

Unread post by Acesneights » Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:40 pm

Propane has an additive to make it smell like rotten Eggs. if you smell propane Evacuate the camper to a safe distance immediately. If you can safely shut the main Tank Valve do so. If there is any doubt get away from it. Propane differs from Natural Gas as it is heavy and tends to hang low.\nIf there is any doubt get the hell away from it and call the Fire dept. You camper is not worth your life.\nService on propane is not for amateurs. if you don't have extensive plumbing experience working with Gas then leave it to a professional. I strongly recommended having a propane detector. It is a small price to pay for protecting your family. I even have them in my house.\nThat said any information posted here about propane repairs is used at your own risk.
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